Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup

If you are a new user of Rockspace WiFi Extender and need to set up a WiFi extender at your home and don't have any knowledge to set up nor have any technical background, then, you have come to the right page. Here, we will provide all the necessary information for Rock space WiFi extender setup.

Important things you need to take care of:

  • Always position your Rockspace WiFi extender within the range of your router.
  • An uninterrupted power supply should be provided to the extender.
  • Good WiFi Network
  • We recommend you to use the latest version of your web browser and the WiFi extender firmware.

These are some important things you need to keep in mind before doing Rockspace WiFi extender setup.

Rockspace WiFi extender Setup using re.rockspace.local

Rockspace WiFi extender Setup
  • You need to switch on your Rock space WiFi extender.
  • Establish a connection between the extender and router.
  • Access rockspace_ext SSID.
  • Launch your preferred web browser on your device.
  • Type http //re.rockspace.local in the address bar of the browser.
  • Press the Enter key.
  • You will go to the default rockspace admin login page.
  • You need to create an account if you don't have any.
  • Select the network you want to extend and click Next.
  • For rockspace mesh WiFi extender, repeat the same procedure.
  • Afterward, you need to click on the Finish button.

Well done! You have successfully performed the setup of the Rock space WiFi extender via http //re.rockspace.local. Now, place your Rockspace WiFi extender anywhere. Then, you can enjoy internet services at home via rockspace_ext.

How to Set up Rockspace WiFi extender using WPS

WPS is one of the simplest ways to set a Rock space WiFi extender. If you aren't comfortable performing Rockspace extender setup via http //re.rockspace.local, go through the below-mentioned steps and learn how to use the WPS method:

  • Turn on your Rockspace WiFi extender.
  • Look for the WPS button on your device and press and hold it for some time.
  • Press the WPS button on your router as well.
  • Look for the LEDs if they turn solid green then your router is connected successfully with the extender.
  • For tri-band mesh WiFi, repeat the same procedure.

Good job! Your Space rock WiFi extender is successfully configured and ready to use.

In case, you find any trouble while setting up your Rock space WiFi extender then we suggest you to connect with our experts. They will help you with each step to make your task easier.

Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup With Ethernet Port

Not every Rockspace WiFi extender comes with the same configuration and feature. Some are different, some extenders don't consist of Ethernet ports. Due to this, users get confused in setting up their Rockspace WiFi Extender and if you are one of them, don't panic. Here, we will guide you to set up your Rock space WiFi extender with Ethernet. Just go through the steps mentioned below:

  • You need to reset the Rockspace WiFi extender to the default factory settings.
  • Next, you are required to connect to your space rock extender.
  • Visit the http //re.rockspace.local page on your device.
  • Then, you are required to enter WiFi repeater login credentials.
  • After entering, you will be navigated to re rockspace.local setup wizard.
  • Now, follow the upcoming on-screen instructions of the setup wizard
  • Finally, you can access rockspace_ext.
Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup Without Ethernet Port

After executing the above-mentioned steps, you can easily set up your Rockspace WiFi extender via http //re.rockspace.local. If you still feel this process is a bit tricky, then we suggest you for taking the support of our IT professionals for instant solutions to your every problem.

Rockspace_ext Setup

Rockspace_ext is the default extension for getting access to your Rockspace WiFi extender. After the installation of the Rockspace WiFi extender through re.rockspace.local, you can easily access WiFi from your device.

Turn on your rockspace WiFi extender. Then, wait for the LEDs light to turn green. Next, you need to look for the Rockspace_ext SSID on your device.

Common Issues During Rockspace WiFi extender setup

re.rockspace.local fails to open

You need to place your Rock space WiFi extender close to your router. Turn on your Rock space WiFi extender. Establish a connection between your rockspace WiFi extender and your router. Next, launch an internet browser on your device and enter WiFi repeater setup IP address into the address bar. Press the Enter button. If you still getting errors while accessing the http //re.rockspace.local, then we suggest you take the support of our technical experts.

5GHz network doesn't support

Try to position your Rockspace WiFi extender close to your router. Then, you are required to log in to your router. Once logged in, go to the setting page and click on the Wireless settings. Search for the 5GHz channel and save it by clicking the Save button. If you are still getting the same error, then try to fix the issue with the help of our experts.

Unable to reset Rockspace WiFi extender

It's a simple task to reset your Rockspace WiFi router. You just need a pin-pointed object like a safety pin or paper clip. Look for the reset button at the bottom of the WiFi extender. Sometimes, the reset button is located at the backside too. So, don't forget to look at the back of the extender. Now, you just need to press & hold the reset button using a pinpointed object. Hold the button till your Rockspace WiFi extender LEDs start blinking. If that doesn't work, then you must contact our experts which will guide you in resetting your WiFi extender.

Unable to download the latest rockspace WiFi extender firmware

Rock space always working on its products to improve its functionalities and make it more user-friendly. It keep updating its firmware versions to enhance the performance and security features of the Space rock devices. Therefore, you just need to keep your Rockspace WiFi extender updated with the latest version of the firmware. If you are still accessing the old version, then you might be stuck with the issue and unable to open http //re.rockspace.local on your web browser. Then, you should update your extender firmware. For updating your Rockspace extender, you need to open an Internet browser on your device. Next, you need to visit http //re.rockspace.local page and enter re rockspace.local username and password, and press the Log in button. Once you logged in to the space rock admin panel page via http //re.rockspace.local, go to the setting and look for the Firmware update. Click on it and your update process will begin. After performing these steps, you can easily update the Firmware of your WiFi extender. If you still getting any type of error while updating your device via http //re.rockspace.local, then you must need to get in touch with our IT professionals.

Connected to Rockspace_ext network but no internet issue

Users get stuck with this issue for many reasons. You may face this kind of issue due to your Rockspace WiFi extender is not in the range of your WiFi router. The main function of the extender is to amplify and increase the range of the WiFi signals. Even the dead network zone can turn into a live network zone. To rectify this type of issue, you need to position your rockspace AC1200 (choose your model) extender or any extender within the range of the router.

After placing your Rockspace WiFi extender close to the router, check if it still getting the same issue or not. If you still find an issue, then you can contact our Space rock technicians.

Unable to perform Rockspace WiFi extender Login

This kind of issue arises due to the following reasons:

  • Sometimes users accidentally misspelled the wrong URL like http re rockspace local. So, we suggest you be more careful while entering http //re.rockspace.local in the address bar. We prefer users to use http //re.rockspace.local instead of using re.rockspace.local URL.
  • You might be using an old version of your internet browser.
  • Your Rockspace WiFi extender firmware version may be outdated. If it's outdated, update the firmware with its latest version via http //re.rockspace.local.
  • Might be your Internet connection is too slow. Sometimes we can't able to get a high-speed internet connection and you are getting an error. This is also one of the reasons for this specific issue.

After going through the above-given information, if you still get an issue, then you need to make a connection with our experts to rectify the issue instantly.

Common Issue during Rock space WiFi Extender Setup

Most Common Issue during Rock space WiFi Extender Setup

  • Unable to access re rockspace.local
  • Forgot the Rockspace WiFi extender password
  • Unable to connect to Rockspace_ext SSID
  • Cant log in to WiFi extender app
  • Can't find the Rockspace_ext
  • Unable to set up Rockspace WiFi extender
  • Screen displaying Error 403: forbidden
  • http //re.rockspace.local not working

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