Hacks to Troubleshoot Rockspace WiFi Extender Red Light Issue

Hacks to Troubleshoot Rockspace WiFi Extender Red Light Issue

If the LED light on your Rockspace wireless range extender is blinking red, then it means that you are in some serious trouble. But, the good news is that the troubleshooting hacks mentioned in this blog by us can help you out. They are the topmost tested and proven ways that have helped many users struggling with the Rockspace WiFi extender red light issue out there. Who says they won’t work for you? With that spirit, get down to reading.

[Fix] Rockspace WiFi Extender Red Light Issue

a) Reboot Your Rockspace Extender

Before following any of the hacks given in this post, tell us something, did you try switching your Rockspace range extender off and on? No? Well, you should do that first then. The process of turning a device off and on is called rebooting.

It has proved to help a number of struggling users. We hope that it might be of some help to you too. In case, you are still experiencing the Rockspace WiFi extender red light issue, then you should probably give a read to the next hack.

b) Switch to a Different Connection Source

Check the connection source used to connect your Rockspace extender and the host router. Let us hope that it is not wireless. On the off chance, it is, it is no shocker why you are a victim of the Rockspace WiFi extender red light issue.

We are saying this because a wireless medium can never be relied upon. To take care of the problem, our technical experts recommend that you use a wire to connect your networking devices. Make sure that it is not damaged.

c) Eliminate WiFi Interference

Have you ever noticed how your mobile device starts acting out whenever you put your foot in a room filled with smart home appliances? Well, that is because these appliances interfere with the signals of your mobile thereby causing issues.

Chances are that your Rockspace extender is experiencing something similar. Therefore, consider changing the location of your wireless range extender. See to it that you are not placing it in any room that is surrounded by appliances and electronic devices.

d) Perform Rockspace Firmware Update

In case you have not updated the firmware of your Rockspace wireless range extender yet, it is time that you do it now. The reason being, performing Rockspace firmware update helps one to fix bugs and errors.

To update the firmware of your device, you need to access the Rockspace WiFi extender setup wizard, access the Settings menu, and click on the Firmware Update button. If you need details regarding the process, consider contacting our technical experts.

e) Check the Power Socket

If you are still not able to resolve the Rockspace WiFi extender red light issue, then you should not waste any more time checking out the wall socket which was given the responsibility to supply power to your extender.

Perhaps, it is damaged. In that case, you need to get it repaired. If doing so does not help you to rectify the red light issue, then you ought to plug your wireless range extender into a different power outlet.

f) Bring Your WiFi Devices Closer

While performing Rockspace WiFi extender setup, did you not check where you were placing your Rockspace extender? The reason being, you missed placing it near the host router. We can say with certainty because right now, you are facing the red light issue.

To troubleshoot it, consider reducing the distance between both your networking devices. But, see to it that you are not placing them too close to each other either. This will lead to a collision of their signals otherwise.

Summing Up

The Rockspace WiFi extender red light issue has ruined the internet-usage experience of more than 80% of users out there. Considering you are sadly one of them, we are hoping that you will be able to fix it by going through the hacks given above in this post.

In case, you continue staying the victim of the same issue, then your last resort is to contact our well-versed technical experts. Without taking much of your precious time, they will definitely help you to turn the blinking red light on your Rockspace wireless range extender to green.

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