Fix Rockspace Extender WiFi Keeps Cutting Out

Guide to Fix Rockspace Extender WiFi Keeps Cutting Out Issue

Whether you are on a zoom call for work or are doing research for a paper, a sudden WiFi drop is a massive buzz kill. People deal with this inconvenience every now and then. Are you also experiencing the same issue because your Rockspace extender is just not in the mood of working properly? Well, worry not. We have helped a number of users out there to fix the issue and are sure that we’ll be able to assist you too. But, to take our help, you need to be patient enough to go through the hacks given below. Following them is the easiest way out to troubleshoot the Rockspace extender WiFi keeps cutting out issue.

Why Rockspace Extender WiFi Keeps Cutting Out?

Before heading to the troubleshooting hacks, don’t you think that you should become aware of the reasons that might have caused it?

If you do, then here is the section that you need to refer to:

  • There is an unstable connection between your WiFi devices.
  • The Rockspace extender is not placed within the range of the router.
  • Your extender is working on an outdated firmware version.
  • The extender’s signals are getting blocked due to WiFi interference.
  • Or perhaps, technical glitches have caused the WiFi keeps cutting out issue.

After walking through this list of reasons, don’t feel scared. Trust us; you will surely be able to fix the issue at hand once you are done implementing the below-given fixes. By any chance, you are not able to, know that contacting our experts is an available option.

[Fixed] Rockspace Extender WiFi Keeps Cutting Out

1. Check the Internet Connection

Have you used a wireless source to connect your devices? We are particularly talking about your Rockspace extender and the host router. If you have, then you need to change that right away. You might be wondering why. Well, connecting your devices wirelessly can cause their signals to drop at any time. You won’t even get to know when.

Therefore, get hold of an Ethernet cable. Plug one end into the Rockspace extender and another into the router for a stable connection.

2. Place the Extender Near Router

As mentioned under the list of reasons, a lot of distance between your devices can also give birth to the Rockspace extender WiFi keeps cutting out issue. Thus, without wasting any more time, reduce the distance between your devices. That way, the transmission of their WiFi signals will happen as smoothly as applying butter on bread.

3. Update the Extender’s Firmware

Many times users come across technical issues like Rockspace extender WiFi keeps cutting out issue simply because their laziness comes in between. In other words, they know that their extenders are demanding a firmware update. Despite this, they don’t take the necessary action.

Let us hope that you are not amongst those users. Unfortunately, if you are, then you know what to do, i.e. update the firmware of your wireless range extender. You can do so by accessing re.rockspace.local.

4. Keep WiFi Interference at Bay

Transmitting appliances and electronic devices like cordless phones, refrigerators, baby monitors, washing machines, microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers, treadmills, and televisions have the power to block the signals of your extender from getting transmitted.

To be specific, these things are like speed breakers on the road. They just don’t let the signals through. To take care of the problem, consider relocating your extender.

5. Give the Extender a New Start

If you still haven’t gotten rid of the Rockspace extender WiFi keeps cutting out issue, rebooting is the process that you should execute. You can do so by taking a walk through the following guidelines:

  • Turn off your extender by switching off its power button.
  • Hold on for some time.
  • Have you waited long enough? Now, turn on your extender.

The Conclusion

Rockspace extender WiFi keeps cutting out issue can ruin the internet-usage experience of literally any user. But, if you follow the troubleshooting hacks carefully, the chances of not being able to resolve it are zero.

On the off chance, you still need help in troubleshooting the issue at hand, contacting our technical experts is what is necessary. You can ping them at any hour of the day as they are at your service 24x7.

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